Monday, March 05, 2012

An eventful weekend!

We had a wonderful & suprisingly eventful long weekend. 

Brent took Friday off so that we could take the kiddos to the Oklahoma City Zoo...and we had a great time.

The last time we had been to the zoo, Hadleigh was 2.5 and Nathanael just over six months old.  If you've been reading here for that long you might remember this post, written after our last trip here.  Needless to say, I didn't go anywhere without counting my three little ones before moving.

This is really a wonderful zoo...with beautiful animals and beautiful sculptures that are every bit as fun as a playground.  We took pictures with almost every animal sculpture we found.

Hadleigh's nickname is "Goose" so this picture was only fitting!

My monkeys watching some other monkeys! :)

We were able to see an elephant exhibit that included Mailee...the new baby elephant who's not quite one yet.  I think this was the first time I've seen a baby elephant up close...and she was adorable.

But my favorite was this baby giraffe, who was just born in January.  I think giraffes are so majestic and regal.  And their motion is just beautiful.  This little guy spent much of the time running all over the grounds...I think his parents were a little tired of his energy, but they managed to keep up with him.

We got to eat dinner at one of my favorite Mexican places in OKC...and while there, we learned (after waiting for months) that we will be moving to northern Virginia, near DC this spring/summer.  We are so very excited.

Not sure yet when we'll be leaving...but hopefully sooner than later, as less than 24 hours after hearing about the new job, we also sold our house!  What a tremendous blessing. We are so very thankful...we just have lots to do now & have to be out of our house mid-April.  (I'm trying not to think about that part right now. Overwhelmed, much?)

So I think whenever I feel like I'm treading water, I'll just look at this picture of my girl and the gorgeous tulip magnolias that were in bloom at the zoo.

And be reminded of God's blessings to us...and rest in Him.


Katy said...

Love the photos! Can't wait for you guys to come to Rochester and you can see sea lions! and penguins! and polar bears! (oh my)

Kacy D said...

What fun! We visit Cameron Park Zoo on occasion...

And what exciting news about moving to NoVa. We were there for just over a year and I thought it was a fun much to do & see. Plus with Arlington being home for Patrick it was very nice to have family close by for a change! There is a decent chance we may be headed back threre after Texas....but who ever knows?!

Hope the transition goes smoothly!

Ella said...

such exciting news!! so glad you now know where you're headed (although I was secretly hoping it would be near us)! and i'm so glad for you that you sold your house and so quickly, too! Praise the Lord!!

praying for you in all your new transitions and adventures in virginia! :)

Jennie M said...

yay! congrats on a quick sale!


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