Monday, April 16, 2012

Angelina Ballerina Birthday

Last Wednesday was the day before Madeleine turned 4 1/2. And on that day we had a fabulous Angelina Ballerina Birthday party.  Yes, six months late. (It kept getting put off for various reasons, but ultimately, we had to do it before moving.  I work well under deadlines. ;)

We kept the decor simple and purple balloons...

...and a few books for decoration...

...and storytime.  I found both these titles on Amazon...and each is delightful...both the story and the illustrations.  (With lots of pink and purple by coincidence, keeping with the color theme!)
I love the one of Madeleine reading...Mimi was able to capture several precious ones of her absorbed in her new story!

Each guest (three friends + Madeleine & Hadleigh) chose a tutu to wear and then take home.  My Mom and I had some late-night fun the evening before creating them the night before.  It's a very simple project, though a little time intensive. (I'll work on a tutorial soon!)

And then we worked on a craft that has had me excited about a ballerina birthday since I first saw it on pinterest!  Each girl chose a leotard and flower...

...and had their hands painted shades of pink and purple... create these darling handprint art pieces.   I was completely surprised that Madeleine made a pink one...but for some reason, much of this party she wanted pink.

I had the most fun with her cake, though.  And it was worth it for the look on her face!

She requested a pink cake with Angelina on it.  (I surprised her with a real Angelina toy figure...she was expecting Angelina out of icing?!?!?)  

I had seen the ruffle cake ages ago, and this seemed the perfect chance to attempt it.  I used this tutorial and was surprised how very easy this is to create. And such pretty results.  I will be doing this again. It's addicting!

A little surprise of lavender frosting inside. :)

She was so very excited that it was her party day...possibly a bit too excited.  But she had such a fun time with her friends. They all played so sweetly together...and I think she enjoyed every bit of it.

This little girl, full of joy and spunk and sweet cuddles, is such a blessing to our family. 

And that's something to celebrate.

ETA: I have received many emails, comments, and questions regarding the Angelina cake topper. Angelina seemed to have lost her retail appeal the year that Madeleine requested this party theme; I could barely find anything other than books locally. I finally found an Angelina playset on Amazon. It contains Angelina and Polly figures and a small house with furniture. I removed the Angelina figure for the cake and then wrapped the rest of it as a gift. 

At the time of this edit, it is priced around $60 which is a lot more than the $18 I paid for in 2012. Here's another option that is a little bit less expensive: Angelina Sweets and Dance Shop

If you find another good option, feel free to leave your own suggestions for Angelina toppers in the comments!


Cathy Pascual said...

oh wow! What an amazing party. Love it all! Esp. the handprint art!

Nevette said...

It was such a memory maker from beginning to end! I loved all your creative ideas and all the LOVE you put into it making Madeliene's 41/2 birthday party so special. None of the guests wanted to go home! You're an amazing Mommy & party planner! I love you and was so blessed by being there!

Ella said...

precious. every single detail. if we had girls, i would totally recreate all of your sweet ideas! loved the handprint tutu!! what a special and memorable birthday!!

Jen Kershner said...

What a magical party. It's clear how much love you put into it. I bet she will never forget it!

teacher jessy said...

I love the art you prepared for the girls! So pretty!! What a beautiful party :)

alooneylife said...

so fun!!! adalyn loves angelina ballerina and wears a tutu almost everyday and you inspired me for a party for her!!!

Becky Bell said...

where did you find the angelina cake topper? my daughter wants a pink cake with angelina on it too! I love this party you did!

Lindsey Marlor said...

I wanted to know where you got the cake topper as well? looking to purchase something soon and all the cake people i have contacted won't just do toppers

eedots said...

Another mom looking to find an Angelina cake topper! Where did you get that? It's so cute!


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