Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A Southeast Spring

The dogwood is not my favorite flower. 

But oh, how I love it.

It sings of all the springs of my later childhood.

The glimpse of white blooms, a lone dogwood among a forest of non-blooming green. Such pure white.

I remember waking up to my second-floor window, glimpsing and hoping that the white on the trees just across from my window was a hint that there would be no school that day. A mid-April snow shower was no big news in the mountains of North Carolina.

But alas, no. Just the first morning of a tree waking up to spring.

Nine years of big plains and bigger skies almost made me forget.

So I eagerly pointed out this tree to my children...perhaps their first glance of the flower they've only seen as a brass ornament for our tree.

They began pointing them out on our recent trip to Williamsburg. And I saw them again, accompanied by azaleas on a recent trip to Georgia.

I'm soaking up this year's spring...even if I'm technically in the mid-Atlantic.

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Anonymous said...

All flowers in the spring are lovely. Isn't spring simply wonderful?


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