Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where I've been...where we're going...

Hi there.

It's no secret the writing's been scarce around here lately.

The truth is we recently passed the one-year mark of living in Virginia, which means we are quickly nearing the end of this assignment.

We found out in March (unofficially) that we will be moving to Georgia this summer. And did you know that summer basically starts the month after May? How it is already May 22, I can't say. Time has been speeding by around here.

So since then, I've been to Georgia twice to house hunt, Asheville once, and several little day trips, working hard to cross places off our Virginia bucket-list.

(I wish I had been to Prince Edward Island...but isn't that the BEST U-Haul truck ever? We saw it on our first trip to GA...and I'm hoping that just maybe the trailer we rent will be the same!)

In the meantime, we are "wrapping up" schoolwork (though we'll still be working through our basics through the summer)...spending time with friends...planning a few more short trips nearby...selling stuff we don't want to take with us...etc.

In spite of all that, I miss writing and sharing I am hoping to share some of the fun things we've done lately. And recipes. Boy, do I have some delicious ones to tempt you with!

Thanks for sticking around...I'm looking forward to sharing our Georgia adventure with you soon!


Meghann said...

Good luck with your move!

Jen Kershner said...

A new adventure! Where in Georgia? I've lived in Atlanta and Augusta. Augusta is really beautiful but so, so hot!

Anonymous said...

Well, you've been better than me about blogging of late. We should put together a "Photo a Day" Challenge for a month this summer.
I will be praying for ya'll as you move. I'm sad that you're leaving Virginia.


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