Friday, May 12, 2006


It's always wonderful to have family for a visit.

I love watching my children love my mom.

Hadleigh adores her.
Wants to be wherever she is.
Doesn't want to get up from her nap until Mimi is back from the store. Wow.
Hadleigh loves her Mimi. Thinks Mimi exists solely for Hadleigh :) Cute. She's learning to share Mimi.

Nathanael grins at her.
She loves that.
Loves his giggles...his smiles...all his "boy" sounds that a 6-month old is discovering he can make already.

It's fun to see them interact and remember things from my childhood...the same songs Mom sings...the same games she plays...

It's amazing how love abounds, generation after generation.


Krista said...

Good to see your mom again! she looks great!

my mom is "mimi" too! :)

kellidarr said...

They look so happy:) My kids feel the same way about their "gigi". Thanks so much for the feedback about super suppers:) I have a couple more questions if you don't mind:) I tried to find your email...Mine is thanks so much. Have a blessed day!

Krista said...

hey, my email is when you get time! hope to hear from you soon!


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