Friday, May 05, 2006


Thunder in the afternoon! I love it!

We have had several days now of "severe weather" each night.

I love the thunderstorms.

Not so much on the hail. Or the thought of a tornado touching down and taking us to Oz.

But I love the rain and the thunder...and isn't lightning just magnificent?

Give me a summer rainstorm any day. Makes me want to take Hadleigh out and splash in puddles. Maybe we will when she "wakes up" from her nap. That is, if she falls asleep to begin with. She is still just playing in her room.

But back to the rain.

It makes me want to make *another* cup of tea this afternoon! Right now, my choice is Vanilla Almond, from The Republic of Tea.

Curl up with a good book under a blanket.

Darn. Here comes the hail. Glad the car is in the garage. Amazing how in Texas we can hardly get any snow in the winter, and yet, in 60-70 degree (and hotter) weather, we can get frozen balls of ice everywhere.

Some crazy lightning...and the sky isn't even very dark. If you were to go outside, you would probably describe it as bright, though not quite sunny.

Now just rain. Steady and soaking. I hope this weather pattern keeps up all summer. Because if I haven't already mentioned it,

I love rain.

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Krista said...

I love summer thunderstorms!


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