Monday, May 01, 2006


A word that describes exactly how I feel anytime I get to visit with my best friends and college roomies!

We had a great time together for lunch on was a spur-of-the-moment trip, but it couldn't have been better unless Steph (our other roomie) had also been able to make it. But Alabama is a few states thank you Shawna, for flying down and getting us all together. It was so worth the drive! Hard to believe it has been 5-6 whole years since we were all together on a daily basis...miss those days SO much. But I am thankful for the times we are given to be together now!

Fun to see how much has changed since those "good 'ol days". Let's see: I have two kiddos, Shannon and Courtney are both pregnant with their first, everyone is married now and the five of us live in 4 different states (two of us in Texas!) Hair is longer ... shorter ... highlighted ... unhighlighted... Careers are blossoming and changing...

What is the same?

We still laugh together.

We still cry together. (Okay, so usually I start the tears...)

We still have a blast no matter what we do!

We still talk into the wee hours of the morning.

We know we can still count on one another for anything. at any moment.

We are still {real} with one another. Transparent. Genuine. Heart-to-heart.

God has blessed us beyond what we could ever ask for in a friend.

These girls are still my very best friends in the world.

That will never change.


Dot said...

This is precious and makes me happy to read! I wish the picture was not so windblown, but it does warm my heart to see these precious faces. I love your entry- its so true! No matter how much things change, what a blessing from the Lord that the important stuff stays the same.

Stephanie said...

hey you are making me sad. i wish i could have been there! i hope you all had fun being together. i want to hear more about it...where did you meet? well, i will have to do the weekly email just slowed down for me today! and i when i went to your blog, i got to see all of your faces! ~ your "other" roomie!

Anonymous said...


How fun to read your blog and see how things are going. Your kids are just so precious. Sounds like things are going really well.



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