Friday, September 08, 2006

A Playful Friday

Today, we raided the linen closet for blankets and constructed a simple tent. Two quilts, two dining room chairs, a bed, and a pillow later, we were in for a fun Friday afternoon.

Both kids had a ball...playing with blocks, listening to stories, crawling through the "door" and underneath the chairs. Hadleigh learned a little about the false security of a quilt "ceiling" when she walked blindly off her mattress onto the quilt. Fortunately she didn't fall on top of anyone...and the look of surprise on her face is one I wish I had captured on camera.

And I learned that a perk to playing in tents is that Mommy usually gets to lie down! Which is just fine with me! I see many more tent mornings and afternoons in our future!

(And will you indulge me just a few pet peeves, so I can get them off my mind? Thanks!)
1. Spending tons of time trying to decide on a mascara, only to come home and realize that you bought brown (or blue, even!) instead of black.
2. When the neighbor sits with their car in the driveway listening to music (rap) and you can feel the thud of the base from inside your own house. At least at a traffic light, you get to drive away soon.
3. Taking the trash halfway down the driveway only to see a trashtruck driving away down the other street. Funny how you didn't hear him on your street. So you check the neighbor's trash can which is EMPTY on the side of the road and realize, oh well. We'll have to wait until Tuesday. Take the trashcan back to the side of the garage. Go back inside. 30 minutes later, what do you know? The trash truck is back on our street and we missed it. Oh bother, as Pooh would say.

Thanks! I feel much better now! Hope everyone has a great weekend planned!

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