Friday, September 29, 2006

So much

to blog about...and yet...I haven't seemed to get around to anything!

Between gorgeous fall weather and enjoying the outdoors lately and a sick almost-three year old Hadleigh things have been full around here...not really busy but full.

So here is a list of things I want to blog about...and will in the coming days and weeks (hopefully this list will make me a better blogger!)
1. My wonderful, relaxing weekend with my sister (two weeks ago!)
2. BSF
3. Brent's latest "obsession" (and one that I really don't mind!)
4. the arrival of our new pastor
5. my favorite season and month
6. My upcoming "reunion" with my college roommates
7. little things that make me happy
8. projects that are in process
9. yummy recipes
10. my best friend's new baby! (hmmm...a perfect post for tomorrow, I think!)

Okay, so now I am really guilty of just not blogging, because it is obvious that I have plenty to write about!
So stay tuned...lots of thoughts and pictures to come!

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