Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rainy Weekend


We had a wonderfully rainy weekend...three full days of pretty steady soft rain. Just what we needed here. (I've been really enjoying my hot tea and jeans!!!)

We took Hadleigh out on Monday in her rain boots to play in the puddles...and she had a great time! Funny thing I discovered while outside with her is that she was afraid of the umbrella!

All this rain has made me realize one reason to be thankful for triple digit temperatures. Mosquitoes can't handle triple digits either. But they sure do love the rain. We've had a pretty mosquito-free summer until Sunday. Oh well.

It's a beautiful day today...and so much cooler than it's been. If it wasn't for the mosquitos, a walk would just sound great! Posted by Picasa


kelli said...

That picture is great! She looks precious out there.

Cindy Tobey said...

Hi there! I'm Cindy. You left a comment on a mini book of mine at 2Peas today. Thanks! I couldn't help but click on your blog link...LOVE the name of your blog. Your daughter is a cutie! Great photo!


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