Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snow Day

This was my little girl last Thursday...she was so excited about the snow! I guess this was the first time she has been old enough to actually play in the snow when we've gotten snow (and it's been hard for us to come by!)
But Thursday...what a wonderful day. I love the cold. I love the snow. We had a wonderful icy morning with a pancake breakfast with Brent before he went into work on a late schedule. And then we watched the tiny dots of snow become flurries and then big genuine snowflakes! After playing outside, Hadleigh informed me that we needed hot tea, so we sat by the window watching the snow fall and drinking our Earl Grey!
I asked Hadleigh where the snow came from and she told me, pointing to the sky "Up, up, up, then down, down, down!"
The snow stopped falling down, down, down around 5 pm and by then we had a beautiful blanket of snow...and that night, with the moon shining on the snow...just beautiful. So peaceful and quiet and still.


Hilary said...

It looks like she was enjoying the white stuff. Those pics are cute.

kelli said...

that second picture is soooooooo awesome!


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