Friday, September 07, 2007

Sweet Friends

That's what my Hadleigh and Nathanael are.

Sure, they have their moments like all siblings do, but...
  • Hadleigh likes to be the first one to open Nathanael's door in the morning and after naptime.
  • She brings him a spoon at breakfast for his yogurt and prefers to carry his bowl of bananas to him personally.
  • She loves to give him a goldfish pretzel "snack" while they wait on their lunch being made.
  • She shares her toys so sweetly with him. (His favorite is the garage and car of her little dollhouse...or her kitchen full of food. I have two little sous-chefs!)
  • She brings him his blanket whenever he cries because he has gotten hurt.

  • Nathanael follows her around and wants to do whatever she is doing.
  • He loves to bring her juice to her if she has abandoned it somewhere.
  • He shares his toys so sweetly with her. (Except maybe his "supercar"...that takes persuasion and an exchange of many toys!)
  • He loves to talk about what "Ha-leigh" (just missing the d in his pronounciation) is doing, where "Ha-leigh" is, what belongs to "Ha-leigh".
  • When (on the rare occasion) she sleeps later during naptime, the glee in his voice saying "Ha-leigh" when he sees her just melts my heart.
  • I have yet to see him refuse to give her a kiss when prompted by us. And when he gives her a hug precious.

Yesterday following Nathanael's nap (because Hadleigh just played), Hadleigh told me, "It's so fun to play toys with Naniel." My heart overflows during moments like these. I'm so glad they are such friends...they remind me of Michael (my younger brother) and I when we were little.

I look forward to seeing how Madeleine fits into their lives...I'm sure she'll fit in seamlessly, as Hadleigh whispers to her in my tummy sometime each day "Come out soon." or "Come see us soon." Accompanied, of course, by a kiss. Another one of those moments.

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Shawna said...

That is the sweetest thing! I love it.


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