Wednesday, January 09, 2008

These things...

have been so helpful with a third baby! Thought I'd share!

Sara Bear Diaper Caddies...these lined baskets (I have the paisley one shown below) holds a bunch of diapers, a standard box of wipes, and much more! Since Madeleine doesn't have her own room (this is our first time without a devoted nursery) it has been nice to have a portable diaper changing station that goes from our room to the living room to vacations SO easily. The liner is divided into five main compartments and then has little pockets on the side for smaller items. Check out all their fun fabrics...but I think mine is the best!

Hoohobbers Moses Basket with rocking stand. The rocking stand turns a moses basket into a cradle...Madeleine has been sleeping so well in her basket. It's very portable and so sweet! There are tons of adorable fabric options, whether you are traditional, whimsical, or eclectic in your decorating style!
In the picture below, you can see Madeleine in her Moses Basket, as well as my third most helpful item...

her Swaddle Designs receiving blanket. This blanket is the perfect size for swaddling...Madeleine is our first baby who really loves being swaddled (except for her left arm...she loves that thumb!) and this blanket is perfect. Madeleine is almost 3 months old and at least 14.5 pounds...and we're still using this blanket with plenty of room still to go. Aunt Katy bought Madeleine a second one (white with pink dots) for Christmas because it is our favorite blanket...and it's great to have another to alternate with...for when one is in the wash! This will be my new baby gift of's really terrific!
These are just some of the options for the blanket.
And one of my favorite clothing items I discovered while looking for something to bring her home from the hospital in: a gown that snaps all the way down the front. But it also has convertible snaps in the back to form pants when you want them. Which is great for car seats and daddy's who don't particularly care for gowns ;) Sadly, I don't have the brand name with me because Madeleine has outgrown the gown, so no link...but look for them! They're great!
And this one I've used with all three children, but we still love Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment. I love having a baby that smells like lavendar instead of the medicine cabinet!
Hope you can enjoy or share one of these things with a baby that you love!!!


stephanie said...

oh, these are fantastic!
i'm printing this post as we speak.

Anilu Magloire said...

OMG! She is just preciuos. So beautiful!!
I used nothing but Burt's Bees with Natalia and I loved them. The fact that they're all natural was really cool to me.

Shawna said...

we have the same swaddle blanket in the big circles and it is a must - i agree! we haven't used the burt's bees diaper cream - but the soap and lotion for bath time and there is nothing like that sweet baby smell. i think i need to go get the cream now. :)

can you repeat all of this, when i'm on my third? :)

Tammy said...

The blanket is adorable - and the picture of her using it is just too sweet.

Close To Home said...

I love your blogtitle!!!!!! What a sweet child!

lucky said...

Ooh! Great reccomendations! I'm pregnant now with my third and we won't have a dedicated nursery to start with either! So I'm really looking at that moses basket!
Thanks Kimber Leigh!



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