Friday, January 18, 2008

Words like empty.

For the last six to eight weeks, this guy has been making us laugh (and perplexing us) with the things that he says. For instance,

  • "No-o. It's empty." This is basically how he tells us that he doesn't want or like something because it wasn't his idea. Example: He says: "No, yogurt's empty." when we are offering a very full container of yogurt. Now, you must understand that as soon as we say that he doesn't have to have the yogurt, he starts crying for yogurt. He really likes things to be on his own terms. (He's got lots to learn, huh?)
  • "It's yuk." Followed by wiping of his hands on something (usually his face) in a "wipe it off" manner. This means that I don't like this right now. Example: "Mommy kisses is yuk." "Ice Cream is yuk." Typically, we hear this when he is either needing food or sleep.
  • "Like dis. Like dat." He is oh-so-particular when putting things in place. It's fun to observe him saying this as he puts his cars in place on his road mat.
  • "My blue." "My red." He lately likes to refer to his things by their color. Especially his sippy cups.
  • And he will consistently repeat what he is saying until you acknowledge very clearly that you have heard what he has said. "Good" does not suffice. You generally have to refer by name to what he is talking about. Example: N: "Mommy, I see airplane. Mommy, I see airplane." Me:"Good, buddy." N: "Mommy, I see airplane. Mommy, I see airplane." Me: "Oh, I see that airplane too!" (followed by a finally content smile or nod.)

It is so fun to be at this stage in life with him...and his grandparents are about to enjoy it too! We are driving off tomorrow to Asheville to visit with both of our families for a little over three weeks. It will be a great break to not be in temporary housing while we wait for our house to be finished! I'd love to see "Asheville friends" while there...we'll be there until February 14, so get in touch with me!


Jennifer said...

Have a safe drive and make lots of memories. Road trips aren't what they used to be when we were kids. Remember when you could strectch out in the back of a station wagon without a seatbelt. However, they are more safe and can be just as fun and entertaining. Stephanie, Henry, and I can't wait to visit. We'll meet you there!

Shawna said...

Nathanael is such a cutie!!! I love his sayings... Have so much fun in Asheville! Just think, when you get back - it will only be two more weeks and we will all be together. Can't wait!

sarah corbin said...

you know, ashville's not too far from charlotte...

sarah corbin said...

i always spell ashEville wrong. sorry.

Cute Card Queen said...

That is so sweet!! I especially like, my blue. I am going to have to start using that. Well, maybe not.
Have a great time in Asheville!!

Jen said...

Hi! I found your blog through a comment you made on Kelli Crowe's blog about homeschooling. I am in a very similar situation (ages of kids, etc.) and would love to hear some of your thoughts and ideas for PreK/K next fall.

Christian Family said...

I just found your blog via the Wolf's(via the Ponds)..and had to write! DARLING family! I was a Tri Delta at BU with you!
:) Amanda Christian(Maiden: Luft)
Ps- Our blog is protected, but my email is if you email me I can add you to our blog addresses.


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