Monday, March 17, 2008

Just so you know...

The next time that you wake up to a thunderstorm (oh how I miss the days when that meant I could stay in bed and be cozy and linger over a book)
and you get the kids all dressed and ready to go and one by one take them to the car
and you set off to run some errands and then go to the children's museum/playspace in town

make sure that you also call a friend to ask for a recommendation for a dry cleaner since you're new in town; and mention what you're planning to do.
That way, she can let you know that the children's museum/playspace is usually closed on Mondays.

And when you're driving in the pouring rain and you hear a funny noise
and then think it's probably just the rain.
and then the noise goes away so you forget about it.
And then you go to Sonic to buy cinnasnacks for a fun rainy drive to distract your four and two year olds from their disappointment that they can't play at the museum/playspace.
Make sure to ask for plenty of napkins because the cinnamon part of the cinnasnacks is really messy (that's why you ignored the frosting in the bottom of the bag in the first place.)

And then when you drive by the mail box at the Post Office, be careful to not run over the curb like you do EVERY time.
But make sure that if you do, there is a nice older gentleman nearby to tell you that you have a flat tire. But not the tire you ran over the curb with, so who knows how long you have been driving on a flat.

Then be very thankful that due to the thunderstorms, your husband's flights have been cancelled so he can come and change your tire.
And that someone could fix the tire very quickly for $10 since your baby is 45 minutes past her scheduled feeding and it's also lunchtime now.

Then, go home (forget about the dry cleaning this time) and stay warm and dry.

And enjoy the peace of having three (I know THREE!) sleeping children who are sleeping at the same time. (That's two days in a row for your oldest!!!)

Hope your Monday has been wonderful but less "eventful" than mine!


Shawna said...

Oh - dear friend, I am sorry. That sounds like a very long day. That is when I think of your blog title...and say - thank you, God, for this new day.

Joel, Dot and Judah said...

Oh my!! You poor thing. I am afraid that I might melt in the rain so Judah and I cancel all my plans and stay in. We can probably only do that a few more years!!

Stephanie said...

what a monday! you are much more ambitious that i am! seriously it is 3:30 in the afternoon & my breakfast dishes are still on the table. but my one child is sleeping, so i guess i should take advantage of the time! how is tuesday going?

shannon ho said...

i always love reading your elegantly put musings... ever since college. you're a great writer :)
love you, friend.

Brian and Ella said...

that sounds like one of my days! i'm so sorry, but at least you had something to blog about...that's what i always tell myself. somehow writing it down relieves the stress of the day, and then i can actually laugh about it!!

Close To Home said...

Oh dear. Days like those are loong, to say the least. Hey, if you can and have time, can you tell me a bit more, like if it's okay to comment, on your devotional blog? I would LOVE to comment and join in. -Amy from SC.

Jeremy and Melissa said...

Oh, Kimber. . .what a day! I'm so sorry. . .Hope your week got much better!


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