Monday, March 10, 2008

Snacks and other random stuff...

It's almost 3 pm and that is when the afternoon munchies hit me. I love an afternoon snack. My all time favorite is hot tea and scones. I love nutella on graham crackers. And if there is any kind of leftover cake/muffin/cookie/pie/cobbler, well, the more leftovers, the better.

As you can see from the picture above, my children LOVE ice cream. I'm guilty there too. Very guilty. Especially at night. Moose Tracks. Yum. Mocha Mudslide. That was last night.

But, I am trying to be better at being healthy. Trying. I've been eating dried fruits...I really love dried apricots. (They're so good dipped in white chocolate...but I digress.) And if I just drink a big glass of water, my appetite is curbed...but not my tastebuds.

And I am so much more laid-back with Nathanael than I was with Hadleigh. Seriously, she just recently started playing at the park without me hovering near all the "open" areas. But if you look at my buddy in the picture above, he is climbing a ladder in a climbing wall that is at least six feet tall. He did great all by himself until he was almost at the top and declared he was "stuck". And I just sat to the side and watched him. Of course, Grampa was close at hand...and able to get him unstuck. But I must say I am becoming braver.

(These are pictures from our time at the beach while visiting Mimi and Grampa. More to come in the days ahead!)

Don't forget to share your snacks!


stephanie said...

okay. why did you have to bring up scones?
you KNOW i love those!

shannon ho said...

Snackwell's Red Devil cookies satisfy that sweet spot for me. and only a few calories :)


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