Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Because of this,

the big kiddos played outside in the dusting of snow (it's now covering the ground completely)

Madeleine and I looked on from the porch (...she wasn't quite sure of the windy snow hitting her face, but she loves watching her big sister and brother!),

Hadleigh tried throwing snow at me,

we squeezed together to keep warm,

Madeleine continued to observe from the warmth of inside,

we drank some hot chocolate

and I taught the kiddos how to make snowflakes!

We also read a Christmas book from our basket (The Christmas Angel), did some homeschool, and spent lots of cozy time inside! The dinner plan for tonight is scrambled sausage eggs and snowflake-shaped pancakes!

It's been a fun-filled snowy day here! Hope you've had a good one too!


Stephanie said...

oh, how fun that you have snow! it looks like you all enjoyed it! it is raining here & it makes me want to go read in bed! hope you get even more snow tomorrow!

Shawna said...

how is it you guys have gotten more snow than we have!? :) oh yea - i remember. ours comes in feb - april. looks like fun wintery memories. love you.


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