Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On New Year's Eve

So far today we have:
  • taken down Christmas decorations
  • hung pictures on the wall
  • worked on laundry (halfway through)
  • uncluttered the kitchen and dining room and living room
  • had the kiddos clean their rooms (how do they learn so young about closets and under their bed hiding spaces?)
  • eaten breakfast and lunch
  • moved some furniture
  • worked out at the gym (not me, just Brent)

Later today we will:

  • unclutter the office
  • play games as a family
  • eat appetizers for dinner
  • build a fire
  • roast marshmallows
  • tuck the kiddos into bed
  • drink something bubbly
  • watch a movie while waiting on midnight
  • enjoy another piece of this:

Warm Fudge-filled Cheesecake

I hope that all of you have a wonderful New Year's Eve! And a happy birthday, Shawna!


Shawna said...

thank you, friend! loved hearing your voice. happy new year - if we can all stay awake. :)

Brianaj said...

Hey I loved catching up on your blog!!! You have great stuff to share. I liked seeing your house photos and the recipes and that photos of your kids with the snowflakes is the cutest!


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