Friday, April 23, 2010

Fresh and New

That's how spring feels around here.

Everything looks green. Everything seems new and warm and full of anticipation.

These were given to me this week...aren't they beautiful?

Hydrangeas are my favorite, though it's no secret that I prefer the blue variety. Alas, our water here doesn't favor blue hydrangeas...but I'll take the pink, especially after living without them at all for several years in northern Texas.

A friend brought these to me last weekend for a farewell brunch I hosted for a friend. They're so delicate (and blue of course!) Does anyone know what they are? My friend wasn't sure.

And I just love my spring wreath. It moves around our house quite a bit during the spring.

What flowers do you enjoy in the spring? I hope each of you are enjoying a bit of spring wherever you may be!


Michele H. said...

oh...these are so pretty. don't they just make you smile everytime you see them? I need to have more flowers in the house:)Happy Weekend!

Melonie said...

Beautiful pics. I love peonies even though they are really an early summer flower.

Mandie said...

I love hydrangeas. they are my favorite & i always kill them! lovely, lovely pics, kimber-leigh

Hilary said...

Flowers make me so happy. I love that there are new ones each season...the tulips, the peonies, the daylilies, the mums. And hydrangeas have to be my favorite too, but the blue and pink ones won't grow well here...they come back but not on the old wood...which is how they bloom. Such a i think I'm going to invest in some Annabelles (the white ones).

And your mystery plant...I think it is a type of salvia...or sage. It is in the same family as lavender. Oh, and that reminds me of another reminds me of France.


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