Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Next Generation

...of scrapbookers, that is. :) Lately, the kids have loved putting my supplies to good use. I have a stack of old papers I no longer want underneath my desk, and the kiddos know they have free access to that pile anytime! They love to cut with paper cutters...

I love Madeleine's face in the picture below...it's as if she's looking for JUST the right placement of that little green rectangle!

They love to use my small stash of punches...the butterfly is a favorite, but so is the average, hand-held holepunch. I think they like the mess it creates the most.

And just so you know, Nathanael is JUST as interested in my supplies. But in a completely different way. As documented here:

My magnetic ruler and cutting mat, when combined with a water bottle and a matchbox car, make an excellent car ramp. Who knew?

(He's also master of destruction when it comes to scissors and the stash of paper. It's quite amusing. And messy.)


richelle jean said...

your blog is so encouraging. thank you.


Christa said...

They are so cute!
My girls are obsessed with punches too (like mama!)

Andrea said...

What beautiful children! My two boys come visit me in my craft room and start experimenting too. They come up with some interesting ideas for my punches, brads, etc. It's funny!


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