Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introductions are in order...

Welcome to our little house on the prairie.

(Isn't that picture priceless in sepia? Doesn't it remind you of the no-nonsense photographs from days gone by? No smiles or anything. And slightly blurry. Perfect.)

Meet Laura:
And 'Manzo:
And Carrie, of course. (Or mean Nellie, as she sometimes decides to be. Hmmm.)
Yes, I answer to Ma around these parts, lately. Seriously. They are role-playing Little House all.the.time. They've even renamed ALL their stuffed animal dogs "Jack".

We've been reading through the stories each afternoon (we're halfway through On the Banks of Plum Creek), and it is such a special time. A couple months ago, we purchased the first season on DVD so our children too will know the joy of growing up watching such a sweet and wholesome show. Watching the series as a child is a special memory of mine. (That and MacGyver.) I have yet to make it through an episode without becoming a little teary-eyed, but no one (who knows me well) would be surprised to hear that. :)

The weather has been perfect for playing in our "backyard prairie"...we will be sad when they start to build homes behind us, so for now, the kids run wild and free!

It is so wonderful to be reminded of the imagination of a playful, carefree, and magical.


tiffabbey said...

Kimber-leigh, I just LOVE your blog! It's so very sweet and entertaining! Such beautiful children.

Anna Sigga said...

Love those photos - reminds one of those simple childhood times! I too was a fan of the Little House on the Prairie;o)

diane said...

What a fun afternoon tradition. I need to start reading this series to my girls.

Brian and Ella said...

kimber, i love the precious picture of your kiddos!

i've been reading "little house" to my boys before bed at night, too...we just started "by the banks of plum creek" a couple of days ago. (i really didn't think my boys would get into them, but we started with "farmer boy," which they loved, and then Hudson learned about the pioneer days at school (and they watched some episodes of "little house"), so we began reading the other books, and they are hooked! they beg to read the chapters! and I love it, too...i hadn't read them since i was a little girl...i look forward to bedtime just so i can read another chapter! :)

Mandie said...

so cute! we went to THE little house on the prairie. it was a-mazing! i want to go back again! you should look into it. it's in desmet, south dakota. awesome!
i can tell you that ma & pa were not nearly as attractive as the actors who played them on tv. lol.


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