Sunday, November 21, 2010

Still thankful...two weeks later

I am thankful for...

Nov. 8-14:

8. the smell of clean floors and a clean house
9. precious dear friends coming to visit us...we miss you Sullivan family!
10. pumpkin scones fresh from the oven
11. those men and women who sacrifice so very much for our freedom
12. talks with friends late into the night (and a girls weekend!)
13. beginning the day in front of a fire with friends and a cup of tea
14. Sunday morning snuggles as a family

and this past week:

15. helpful neighbors
16. a kind and unexpected gift
17. peace in the midst of the unknown
18. a special lunch just with my daughters
19. finding a friend with whom you share so many "little things" (as well as big things) in common
20. the excitement of completing a big project
21. the desire of a little boy to give to others

Colossian 3:16 (above in the picture) is a verse that I will pondering this week...that I hope to be living out this week...that I plan on memorizing this week as a family...this week that we gather together to be thankful.

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