Saturday, November 06, 2010

In the mail...

It never fails...just as November begins, our mailbox fills with holiday catalogs. (The above is what was collected in about 10 days. And these were just the ones I saved to flip through.) Clothing...decor...craft/toys/educational stuff. I like the ones that give me ideas for decorating with things we already have and love (like Pottery Barn/Ballards)...and ones that inspire me by their design and styling (like Garnet Hill and Anthropologie).

But aside from enjoying the ideas, I think the companies need to slow down a bit. One store catalog for the season is just enough for me, thank you.

And of course, the autumn (and December) magazines are my favorites of the year. Magazines full of rich colors, beautiful table settings, and delicious comfort foods entice me every year. I enjoy getting my favorites in the mail...Southern Living, BH&G, and Victoria...but this is the season when MS Living and Real Simple get some of my attention too.

And our neighborhood, apparently delivers faux leaves too :) Hadleigh found the one above outside while playing and was delighted with her find. And I take such delight in her enjoyment of the season her mother loves SO much.

To come next week: Autumn, according to our five senses. Should be fun!

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Valerie said...

I agree - the Fall magazines are the best but the catalogs get to be a little much. Happy reading :)


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