Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lots of love for Valentine's!

Valentine's was really fun this year. All three kiddos were really into it...they began making Valentine's cards for us before February even arrived. Nathanael asked me what the Valentine's songs were...assuming that like Christmas, Valentine's Day should have songs too. :)

We hosted a small Valentine's Day party for some close friends...so here the kids are assembling and writing their valentines for their friends.

And getting a bit carried away by the stickers!

After they went to bed, my Mom and I got as much set up for the party as we could.

We also have a tradition of a special Valentine's breakfast...so this is what the children woke up to:
followed by donuts and scrambled eggs for breakfast!

a little V-day decor...

I love this picture of Hadleigh and my mom after Hadleigh gave Mimi the valentine she crafted QUITE some time ago and saved until the "big day".

Mimi found these adorable mice all decked out in pink and red. The kids loved them.

Madeleine originally named hers Angelina, which was shortly thereafter changed to Cinderellie. Hmmm. Cutest mice I've ever seen...and the only ones I want in my house!

A little lunch...

Followed by yummy red velvet cupcakes. (Cupcake liners from Hobby Lobby...so fun.) The party was a fun success...they played outside, the girls made necklaces similar to this and the boys painted wooden jointed snakes, you know the kind that moves kinda realistically? (also from Hobby Lobby...Nathanael's choice, FYI.)

It was a fun day...though we missed Brent a lot...who was in Las Vegas for work. But he sent flowers :) and a fun present for my camera! (More on that soon.) And it was very special to have Mimi with us!

Hope you had a wonderful day too!

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Shawna said...

oh this makes me happy. your children are just beautiful and i love your decoration with the mugs! darling. well done, my friend. what a life giving valentine's day!!


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