Friday, April 22, 2011

Fresh and New

I'm so excited about this new look for the blog! Clean and fresh and bright!

I still have quite a bit of "tidying up" and organizing planned as far as the content goes, so bear with me over the next week or so...there will be a few more minor changes!

It was a pleasure to work with Marina of Penny Lane Designs...she exceeded my expectations!

We have a full Easter weekend it's also a birthday weekend around here for my sweet Brent!

I hope you have a blessed Easter!


jamie long said...

looks great

diane said...

your blog looks fantastic! I love the colors. hope your family has a wonderful Easter weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!!! Have fun celebrating Brent's birthday! Love to all! Mom

Katy said...

love it Kimber!

Shawna said...

love, love, love!!!!!

so refreshing. i just might come and stare at it when i can't get outside to see real nature. :)


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