Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Morning

I awoke just before 5 am (Brent had to be up) and settled onto the couch to take in the wedding. Perfect timing; Kate had just arrived.

I was thinking of how I watched Princess Diana's wedding with my mom (though I was only two) so many people remember that early morning...that those are special memories....and decided to get my girls. (Hadleigh fell out of her bed when I opened the door...and then quickly ran to the living room when I told her the Prince was getting married.)

It was dark.  We were cozy.  Kate was breathtaking. Stunning gown.  The girls were completely satisfied she was indeed a princess (to-be).  Though blurry, I love that Brent thought to take a picture of "his girls" before leaving for work.

Nathanael joined us shortly afterwards.  The three were spellbound, taking in every moment.

We had a picnic tea of lemon scones and muffins for breakfast...with English Breakfast tea...while we waited for the balcony kiss.

My favorite quotes from the morning:

Madeleine: "Is there a witch in this one?" (We just watched Tangled recently...and I had to explain again that this was a REAL prince...not a movie.)

Hadleigh: "Do you think she's wearing real shoes or glass slippers?"

Nathanael: "I have to go to the bathroom. Can you pause it?"

(We don't watch much TV (and don't have a DVR) so the idea of real time was a bit lost on him!)

But I think the moment they realized they might be viewing a fairytale, was this one:


lisa truesdell said...

what a sweet morning!

Briana Johnson said...

That is so so cute! I love that pic of you three together. What a sweet memory for your girls. Lemon scones - I think those will send well to me in the mail : )

Marianne said...

I knew you'd be up watching. You're so precious. I watched too, if you can believe it, but I TiVoed it because really, I don't miss sleep for anyone unrelated to me. I also made your Plain Jane Scones for the occasion, my first attempt at scones and a total success. Thanks! Love you!

Michele H. said...

I laughed out loud with the quotes! Gotta love it! And I agree...Kate was simply stunning.


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