Monday, April 04, 2011

Sounds of spring...

One of my favorite sounds of spring is the return of songbirds to our trees.

The other day, as I was walking through the house, I could hear the sweetest songs of birds chirping in our backyard. Madeleine had just watched Cinderella, and it almost sounded like that opening scene, with the birds helping to ready Cinderella for her day.

The sound of their song surprised me, for I had missed that song without even realizing its absence.

I loved catching these two silhouettes unaware outside my kitchen window. Lovely, aren't they?

And I was delighted to see this one fly off, feathering her nest with some treasure from our planter.


Kelly said...

Beautiful pics xxx

Sarah Webb said...

Pretty pics!

Kelly Noel said...

awww, great pics!

Shawna said...

ahh - i am picturing myself there and hearing nothing but the birds! love your pics!!

here we hear one bird and then a loud siren and a few honks and maybe even a few f-bombs. it's lovely - spring in ny. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet memory! Missing you and your precious family! Dad and I can't wait to see you in June!!!


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