Friday, June 03, 2011

Everyday Lunches

This is what lunch has looked like around here lately:

"Snack Lunches" as we like to call it for the kids. (Or PBJ's most other days.) And for the record, only Madeleine liked the dried fig.  They all devoured the dry mango though. And no wonder, it takes like candy.  (I'm trying to expand their dried fruit beyond raisins and cranberries.)

And a salad for me.  I could eat a whole avocado.  But I just eat half.  I love avocados.  Mmmm.

In the winter, I switch it up with grilled cheese, soups, or pastas occasionally.  

But I'd love to have some new ideas for summertime lunches...for the kiddos and for me.

So please, share some of your favorite ideas.  Link me up to an online recipe or site (or your blog) that you find helpful for new lunch ideas.

Please and thank you. 


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Shannon Family said...

Hey Kimber-Leigh:)
This site has some REALLY creative things on it. I have tried a few and they are cute. I wish I had the time to really put more thought into the girls lunch!

Hope you are doing well,
Heather Parkey Shannon


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