Monday, June 27, 2011

Missing this...

We spent some much-loved time on the East Coast at the end of May-beginning of June.  Asheville, NC followed by Savannah, GA (just the two of us) and then Kiawah Island, SC.  It was wonderful.  Lots of time with ALL of our family.  Mountain time. River time. Beach time.  Family time.  Anniversary time.

I'm having a hard time returning to routine.  And it's been two weeks now. Two busy weeks.  But I still don't feel like we're back to normal.  

I miss it.

I miss staring at the edge of the ocean.  Hearing the call of the sea.

I miss feeling the breeze in my face while boating.  Calling to the dolphins.

I miss the sand between my toes.  Searching for sea shells.

 I miss splashing in the water.  Well, at least watching my kiddos splash in the water.

I miss the peaceful stillness of the sunset.

I miss how life just slows to an easy pace.

How easy it is to see that the little moments are the big moments.

Life at the edge of the ocean is kind of like life on the mountaintop.

Instructive. Inspiring. Awe-filled. 

And so, I'm home...
pondering how to bring what's learned and loved from two of my favorite places back 
home to the wide, open plains of Oklahoma.

Which, of course, have a lesson to teach too.

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Anonymous said...

....lots of sweet memories made! Love and miss you!


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