Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Monday

I did not mean to disappear last week!  It was our first week of the summer with ~nothing~ scheduled to do each day. Whew.  

But we did manage to fill it up with crafty projects...involving my sewing machine (I'll reveal more when we're all finished!)...

...and lots of time in the kitchen.

Here are a few kitcheny things making me happy on this Monday:

 ~  Making good use of our bumper crop of mint, Brent has been trying to replicate an amazing tropical mojito I had here this past spring.  It's a delicious work-in-progress! (And I just discovered there's a new location in Tulsa!!! Can't wait for our next trip there!)

~ A friend made Pad Thai for us a few weekends ago, so Brent has been perfecting the delicious meal.  To help, I've been seasoning a cast-iron skillet...I can't believe I haven't owned one until now!

~ My tea kettle got a nice polish...which has made each cup of tea since a happier occasion!  It was definitely time.  I need to remember to do this more frequently! (Don't you love Hadleigh's reflection caught in the copper?)

~ And I'm still going strong with my summer breakfast of choice:  plain, nonfat Greek yogurt (Fage brand only, please) topped with a bit of agave to sweeten, 2 Tbsp. sliced almonds, and sometimes a few fresh berries when I have them. (But I love it without the berries too!)  Fresh, easy, and healthy for these summer mornings.  A cup of Earl Grey ensures that I'm satisfied until lunch!

What's making you happy today?

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