Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday

Lately, I've been making real use of the time I've spent on Pinterest.  

Lots of recipes...all with terrific results! 

Lots of crafty fun with the kiddos!

But sometimes, I just love to look at Pinterest because there are so many ideas and images that are just so inspiring...they just make me happy.

So, today, on a Monday when we've watched dark clouds on the horizon avoid us yet again (although the morning held temps in the 80s that we enjoyed) are a few things that have brightened my day:

Yes, I'm already craving autumn.  Weeks on end of 100+ degrees will do that to you.  Additionally, this is in Vermont, which has special place in my heart, as we spent our honeymoon there.

This one makes me smile and laugh...because I used to love to keep pretty shopping bags. And boxes.  Remember when Ann Taylor did all those beribboned boxes? I had quite a collection.  Brent was thrilled when I realized I didn't need to keep them all!


I know these are paper flowers, but I just love the look and the color combination.


Because I love happy mail...and to receive it in this letterbox would make it EVEN better!


This reminds me of our beautiful rehearsal dinner, though ours was slightly more in-laws did a breathtaking job, creating a beautiful and very special evening.


Okay. Who else had one of these?  I remember having mine in kindergarten...I especially remember my record and toothpaste tube charms.  And I think a telephone.  I remember trading charms with friends...I wish I still had would be fun to show my girls!

And last, these red poppies just make me smile.  I'd love to see an endless field of them one day.  And this makes me want to play with watercolors...

What's making you happy on this Monday?


Christa said...

Love the inspirational photos!! Beautiful!
This Monday I am all alone in my house and while I miss everyone, the quiet and solitude is making me happy!

katy said...

I think you'll like my doorknob. I should send you a picture.

Sasha Holloway said...

Pinterest is a DRUG. I love it though .. awesome inspo share.

Melissa said...

I am loving everything on pinterest lately! Your last pin makes me wish I could paint!


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