Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Little Gymnast

I forgot to share this earlier...but Hadleigh completed her first year of gymnastics in May, and they all celebrated with a meet-style performance, though it was not competitive.

Here she is, warming up for the uneven bars....which was her favorite apparatus. (Mine too, once upon a time!)

I love how comfortable she was, despite the really large crowd gathered.  She talked with her instructors easily before and after each was so fun to see her at ease.  She even stopped in the middle of her vault to have a conversation with her coach about which jump she should do.  (Talk about interrupting the flow of the vault...but really cute, nonetheless!)

Hmmm.  I guess she realized it's not real gold, huh? ;)  She was so excited about that medal!

This might be my favorite picture of the day.  Love that high five captured in motion! Both Nathanael and Madeleine were so excited and encouraging.  Makes my heart happy.


Briana Johnson said...

I think she is such a pretty girl! She always has that sweet smile on her face! Congrats on her medal! I forgot to tell you I like your header design and the little dividers.

Michele H. said...

So sweet and a medal is very cool! I miss gymnastics myself:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of her!!! I love all the photos! I think I need them all in frames! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

...Hadleigh reminds me of her pretty Mommy!

Anonymous said...

I just reviewed your last several entries and loved being reminded of how much you loved your home in the Mint piece. So many little details of life have escape my observations.
Hadleigh looks so much like you in her gymnastics pictures.
I am so happy that you do this blog, even though I have never responded before it has been a blessing to me to see my gradchildren's special moments and the exceptional talents of their mother.
I love you,


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