Thursday, November 17, 2011

happy find!

I came across Mary Kate McDevitt's beautiful lettering and artwork today!

Isn't that November print just gorgeous?!?!? (Apparently, it's a free desktop can click the via link for more info on that!)

And how adorable is this?  I love it.  (What did we do before etsy???)

And I'm thinking I should get this one and place it on my desk as a good reminder that email and text are great...but nothing like the feel and sentiment of a real letter in your hand.

She has such a great style...and much variety! Which pieces grab your attention?


Christina said...

love that little chalkboard!

Mary Jo said...

I so agree about more handwritten letters!
I have been challenging myself to make cards with scraps after layouts and then actually sending snail mail to friends and family :)

Keshet said...

Oh my, I'm a teensy bit obsessed with that chalkboard. Too fun!!


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