Monday, February 04, 2013


The last few weeks have found us watching our weather apps and the sky, looking and hoping for snow.

We've had some a 95% chance turning out to be nothing. Humph.

And then we've had some happy moments...powdery soft snow that was only an inch or so deep...but enough to merit some snowy play days. Love my little snow angels...

And yesterday morning, after a Saturday evening snow stopped too soon, we were delighted to see the snow fall softly. Excited to drive to church while we drove through falling snow. Excited to catch snowflakes on our nose and eyelashes. Excited when it was still snowing on our way home.

It was too warm to accumulate...but watching snowfall is one of my favorite things. (Especially living in a place where the wind doesn't blow the snow sideways!)

I'm still hoping that February will bring us just a little bit more...because as much as I dislike the pile of snow clothes after a snow day...I adore seeing my children love the childhood magic of snow.

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