Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes life gets crazy-busy

And that would describe the past 12 days!

Here's a little recap from last week with the highlights:

Last Monday, we met my brother-in-law Alex (pictured above) for lunch in DC at District of π. He was traveling with a college choral group, accompanying them on the viola...and we were so excited to get the visit with him, if only for a short while! (And the pizza was amazing!)

Afterwards, we drove to Mt. Vernon, which seemed a fitting (and free!) place to visit on President's Day. It was beautiful...and crazy crowded. We even ran into Brent's old roommate from the AF Academy...who I had never met! Such a fun surprise! It's truly a beautiful estate...and I loved imagining what it must have looked like while George Washington lived and walked there. 

We returned home that night to find...just before we went to bed...a leak in the room where our hot water heater is located. Needless to say, it was a very long night of phone calls back and forth between plumbers and our landlord...and waiting for a plumber that never came.

The next afternoon (after a belated Valentine's Day party at our home that morning) the above picture was our view. Leak contained. (It was a crack in the expansion tank.) Dryers and dehumidifiers in place and noisy. Thankfully, the areas affected were minor (the homeschool room & guest room avoided water damage) but it looks like all of the carpet will end up being replaced in the near future.

We brought some homeschool materials upstairs and have been working around our kitchen table until we can get back downstairs. (The playroom half of our basement is on top of the homeschool half! And all the carpet nails make me nervous!)

Thankfully, the week ended with a breath of much-needed fresh air, as a good friend and I drove to Raleigh, NC for the MomHeart Conference.

Hearing from such wonderful women like Sally Clarkson, Ruth Schwenk, Sarah Clarkson, and Misty Krasawski speak on the topic of motherhood was such a blessing. I left the weekend feeling encouraged, inspired, and renewed.

I am still sifting through my thoughts...pondering all that I've learned and trying to apply it. I have added several books to my already-high pile of "to-reads"...and I'm excited about some ideas I have brewing that were sparked at this retreat!

Today, we are back to the usual grind...homeschool, meetings, contractor visits, and dinner with old friends. But it's good to be back...after quite an unusual week!


Katy said...

On the first read through I thought you said "We brought homeschool materials upstairs and have been working under our kitchen table"--I thought, Hadleigh must be loving that!

Kimber-Leigh said...

@Katy! ha! that's a great idea though...they WOULD love it. :)

Kacy D said...

You were right in our backyard on President's Day! We live very close to Mt Vernon :) Glad everything is back to normal!


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