Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our July (so far) via Instagram

So...we made it to Georgia, and we are settling in slowly. 

We spent our first weekend here, living at Sherwin Williams. Seriously, I can't count how many times we went. But we finally chose a paint for Madeleine and Nathanael's rooms...and most importantly, the dining room. It was purple.

All of our stuff arrived by crate...

...and I spent much of that day checking off numbers. And recording damages. And looking for unaccounted items. And while I remember that our stuff is JUST stuff, and while I've known friends with far worse damage during a move, this was the "hardest" move we've had, as far as the toll taken on our possessions. Disappointing for sure...but remembering what's most important and therefore, thankful.

The kids have enjoyed the wildlife around our new home...like this squirrel who thought he was stuck on Hadleigh's windowsill (and who was oblivious to his audience) up until a concerned nine-year old finally knocked to startle him into climbing down!

We've also been entertained by a family of birds nested under our front porch, and we got to see these three little ones take their first flights.

Georgia, like most of the southeast, has greeted us with almost daily rain...most definitely a warm welcome for this rain-lover, as I was just a bit nervous about Georgia heat during July. It's made for some humid days, but the temperatures have been lower than I expected. And seriously...the grass is crazy thick and green for late-July!

And of course, rainy skies yield amazing clouds like this. Have I mentioned that I love summer thunderstorms?

The kids have been troopers, spending the mornings playing inside quietly or enjoying the backyard playground while I have worked unpacking box after box. We are all excited to have swings again! And in the afternoons, they've enjoyed playing with some new neighborhood friends.

They've helped with some organizing...and we are just about "moved in"...only the walls are empty! 

We are excited and thankful to be here, beginning a new chapter and adventure.

Looking forward to all that life in Georgia will bring...and sharing it with you here!


Tracey said...

Happy to hear you all made it saefly. Look forward to reading & seeing your adventures in Georgia.

Andrea Warren said...

I love the cute little squirrel picture! I hate to think of the day we are going to move. Goodness...

Jen Kershner said...

It sounds like a lovely start! I'm looking forward to seeing more if your life there!


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