Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stitch Fix, No. 3

I received my most recent StitchFix back at the beginning of June. I intended to share during our travels...but obviously, got busy and sidetracked. Oops!

I'd love to share my thoughts again here, as I appreciate reading others opinions (and being able to request pieces by name). I have also found that my review here is a great way for my stylist Jen to better select items for me! Once again, if StitchFix is new to you, I've outlined the service below my review here! And I'd love to answer any questions you might have about it!

I was very excited about each piece in my shipment. Here's what I received and what I thought about each item:

Dylan and Rose Jakai Pleat Tank Dress in black This was probably my least exciting item from first impressions (only because I have a lot of black already!) But when I tried the dress on, I was impressed with the fit and the faux-peplum detail. If I didn't already have a couple little black dresses, I would have kept it.

41 Hawthorn Lottie pintuck sleeveless silk top This was so soft to the touch and a really gorgeous color. It was a little big in the armhole and would have required a cami underneath. Cute look but I decided to pass on it. (It was also just as expensive as the dresses...which seemed a bit much for the item.)

Tea N Rose Nile Boat Print sheer tie neck blouse I loved this right away. It was beautiful on. Super cute with jeans. Unfortunately the hem was quite uneven on mine in the front...and as I preferred it out to tucked in, I knew this detail would bother me. I hemmed and hawed about it...but decided to return it. (Kinda regretting that decision.)

Ark n Co Yvonne Shortsleeve Pleated dress in blue The quality and style of this dress was beautiful. Jen wrote in her note that she had recently seen me pin a dress similar on my Pinterest boards. As soon as I put it on, I added the necklace you see above from my collection--I love the tone on tone. Sadly, the high waist of the dress and its style made the dress seem a lot shorter...and I wasn't completely comfortable in the length. I knew that if I kept it, it would only decorate my closet, so I sadly returned it. But I have to mention again the quality of this dress for the price ($68). So well constructed and gorgeous. I will keep my eye on this brand.

Ella Moss Ken sleeveless striped top I'm going to be honest...neon colors are not a trend I was excited about or even willing to try out. So I was very apprehensive about this neon pink and white striped top. Here's where one of my favorite StitchFix features comes into play: I'd never have picked this up to try on. BUT...It has a cute cutout detail in the back of the neck...and I LOVED it when it was on. Tried it with dark jeans. Check. A white mid-length linen skirt? Even cuter. The top is basically two angled pieces of fabric (in front and back) that are stitched together at the top and bottom...but open in the a cami underneath this one is a must. I kept this and love wearing it!

I loved the variety of color and styles (Jen is paying attention to my reviews both here and in my response during the return process.) I love the personalized touch in my note...and once again, the style cards included have been really helpful for pulling a look together!

If this is all new to you, here's how it works:

1. You sign up (via an invitation link) online, and once your account is created, you complete your style profile. This part is's kind of like a quiz. You fill out size, fit, and style preferences, as well as a price range you prefer to shop within. You can also link to a Pinterest board, so the stylists can get a good sense of your style. 

(screenshot of a portion of the style profile)

2. There is a wait time currently involved...but between signing up at the end of February and getting approved, I only waited 11 days. 

3. Once you're approved and your style profile is complete, you schedule when you'd like to receive your first order or "fix." A StitchFix stylist handpicks items for you based on your profile; the fee for this service is $20...but you can apply the full $20 towards your purchase.

4. The package ships USPS and include 5 items. When your StitchFix box arrives, you get to try on clothes in the comfort of your own home...and with pieces from your own wardrobe.  This is one of my favorite features of the company. 

5. Within three days, choose what you love and then send back the rest, using the prepaid Priority envelope enclosed. Go online to StitchFix and checkout. You complete a survey for checkout, which further defines your profile and gives good feedback to the stylist for next time. You pay only for what you keep...and if you keep all items sent, you get 25% off the total purchase. 

6. Then, choose to schedule your next StitchFix shipment as frequently or infrequently as you like! I love that you can leave a note for your stylist about an event or season you want kept in mind when selecting items!

Finally, this is not a sponsored post. I am receiving no compensation for this review from StitchFix. However, much like other online retailers (like ZulilyOne Kings LaneSole Society, etc.), StitchFix promotes their brand through referral links. So if you sign up through the links I've given here, I earn a one-time credit with StitchFix if you sign up and purchase. (And once you sign up, if you share your referral code with your friends, YOU earn credit! Win-win!)

I've earned some credit through some of THANK YOU! Let me know if you've given StitchFix a try and what you think!

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