Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Back from the Beach

We arrived home on Sunday after 11 lovely days at the beach.

It was a perfectly paced, relaxing, and refreshing vacation after moving and unpacking.

The South Carolina weather for the end of July/beginning of August was surprisingly mild...and so enjoyable.

Fishing, hunting for little crabs, bicycle rides, hours in the pool, searching for shells, chocolate smoothies, rainbows ending in the oceans, exploring parts of Charleston, eating shrimp and grits, talking with my mom late into the night, ice cream cones, evening nature walks, crafts for rainy afternoons, sleeping in a little later.

I'm sad our vacation is over...but I'm feeling refreshed about this next season. Lots on my mental list as we prepare to start back to homeschool in another couple weeks, as well as continue to settle in to life here in Georgia.

Speaking of Georgia...our county started back to school on August 1! So tell me, are you still enjoying summer vacation or is it back to school for you too?


Jen Kershner said...

I'm so glad you had a good beach vacation. Today we are headed back to school for schedules and locker assignments. We start next Wednesday. This summer wen't way too quickly.

Nevette said...

We loved sharing all these special memories with you, Brent and our precious grandkiddos! Let's do it again soon!


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