Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

10 years ago, she began to be more still.

She had been all-gymnast in the womb from the first moment I felt that first butterfly-wing brush until these days. But with ten days until her due date, she was a bit more still, needing more space for the long legs and arms, that would soon bend at the elbow and stretch above her head each time before her eyes would open.

She has been that constant blur of motion ever since. She was a baby who needed motion, rocking in her car seat. Toddler-tall, spinning in circles around the dizzy one. My outdoor girl, hair left behind while swinging to the clouds. My gymnast, cartwheeling and hand standing and somersaulting until exhausted.

circa 2010

She rides her bike and runs and swims and climbs and plays at full speed ahead. Every day. All day long. Only being really sick can slow her...and even then, perhaps the worst part for her is the having to be still.

And likewise, in a great blur of motion, she dives headlong into the last 18 days of her single-digits.

Ten is approaching more rapidly than I had thought possible.

And she, she who looks to me to see if I am ready, is ready.

Today, I'm joining in 5 minute can read more about it and join in here!


Jen Zink said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I love this post, and your blog!! Have a blessed day!!

Christa said...

Awesome! Ten is a big deal and made this mama's heart hurt quite a bit!

Sasha Farina said...

oh KL.. this is such a beautiful post. thank you for sharing!

Jen Kershner said...

What a lovely girl and a lovely Momma that appreciates her just the way she is.


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