Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days: Let's get started!

My favorite month begins tomorrow...and so does 31 Days: Crafting a Creative Life!

Each October, for the past four years, Myquillyn (otherwise known as The Nester) has issued and hosted the challenge to write on a certain topic for 31 days. Last year, 1,239 people accepted the challenge. Wow.

Last year was my first year to participate. I was nervous...but so excited to complete those thirty-one blog posts. You can find my 2012 series 31 Days Making this House our Home here.

This year, I am choosing to write and share about can expect to see a LOT of fun projects (some for adults and some child-focused), thoughts on creating spaces to cultivate creativity, and some of my musings on the process and importance of creativity. I'll also have some recommended reading as well!

I hope that you'll join me and be inspired this month! And if you're participating this year, please let me know in the comments...I'd love to visit your series and cheer you on!

Day 1: "Real" Art?  part 1
Day 2: Real Art. part 2 
Day 3: Crafty craft sticks
Day 4: Five Minute Friday: Write
Day 5: For The Weekend
Day 6: Sunday Reflection
Day 7: Celebration Wreath
Day 8: Hadleigh is Ten
Day 12: Madeleine is six
Day 15: Creativity Boosts!

Day 20: Nathanael is Eight
Day 21: Some Days
Day 23: Caramel Spiced Pumpkin Latte


Kimberly Kett said...

That is such a cool idea!!

Amanda K said...

A great topic! I can't wait to see all your projects - I'm always in need of more inspiration. This is my first year doing #31 days and Im writing on DIY travel to London & Paris - a different tone for my DIY food/crafty blog.


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