Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Minute Friday: True

There are so many quotations that attempt to define true friendship.

Some of them are quite perceptive. Some really resonate with me. Some make me roll my eyes.

As a military wife, I've been so thankful for the provision of at least one (and often more) dear friend in each place that we have lived.

I consider it a blessing to have a small circle of friends that have known me for half of my life now, if not a bit longer.

Kiawah Island September 2013
They are true.

The five of us lived daily life together at Baylor...during those unique years of university.

We have walked the aisles for each other and watched as five families began. We have seen careers flourish and end and new roles grow. We have held newborn babes with joy, shared the heartache of loss with one another, lifted one another up in prayer after prayer after prayer.

We have known the idiosyncrasies and the habits and the joys and the disappointments--the history--of our early years, and so we now perceive (with humor and appreciation and grace) the changes life brings. The delicate shift of accent, the laugh lines, the greys, the catchphrases.

We make it a priority to try to have annual weekend together...and despite the miles and states that separate us, despite the everyday life that goes on away from one another...true friendship is so very visible. And such a gift.

Today, I'm joining in 5 minute can read more about it and join in here!


Anonymous said...

This is incredibly special to have these girls in your life and take trips. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A true gift and blessing!

Shannon Family said...

What a blessing that you all are still close after all these year. That is so special. What a great picture of all you beautiful women!!!


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