Thursday, June 01, 2006

June First.

Summer always seems to start for me in June. (Although we've had summer heat here in TX since April...but I won't dwell on that!)

So what is filling my time these days?

1. We put these alphabet wall cards up as a border in Hadleigh's room over the weekend. They are made by eeBoo. Glad that we FINALLY got that project's been on my list since I bought them over Christmas.

2. Of course, that spurred another project...we bought canvases from Hobby Lobby and Brent sketched three of the floral designs from the cards on each canvas. Now we are painting them...which is a lot of fun.

I'm learning a lot about painting. (Isn't it sad that the last formal art class I had was in elementary school?) Painting is therapeutic I think. I am working on the azalea canvas (which is pictured in the card above). So far so good. It reminds me of my parents azaleas in Asheville. They are so beautiful in the spring. Mom always says, driving up the driveway when they are in full bloom, "Make a memory."

3. We are planning our summer trips. We head out to San Antonio next weekend for a short trip, Brent has a friends wedding in Virginia, he is going to the Osh Kosh Airshow with his Dad, I am going to OK to help with a baby shower for my dear friend Shannon, and I am taking the kiddos to Asheville to visit our families. I think that is it.

4. I am mentally preparing for our airline trip to Asheville...just me and the kids. LOL. Not quite there yet...but I'm working on it. (And the end result will be worth the chaos of the DFW security check...struggling with all that baggage...and entertaining two on the two-ish hour flight, right?!) Thankfully we have no connections!

5. I am trying to plan an early fall trip to visit my sister at Baylor. It's always fun to go back to your alma mater...especially when you can hang out with your little sis! (AND, Ali Edwards will be teaching some classes at Crop Paper Scissors, and I am hoping to join in! Registration starts today...just waiting to see if Brent can watch the kiddos!)

6. I am thinking about scrapbooking. It has been awhile since I have been at my desk creating. Lots of things distracting me, but I'm hoping to get going here soon. I need to complete the album for my parents of our trip to Barbados last May...and I need to get pictures developed so that I can scrap them. I won't overwhelm you by telling you when the last time we had pics developed was. But the idea totally overwhelms me! to take advantage of Hadleigh's naptime...of course, Nathanael just woke up! But he'll be down again soon...hopefully!

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What's your email address? You guessed the correct items featured in the Making Memories "Where's the MM product" post. Can you eamil me so I can send your prize?



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