Friday, June 09, 2006

Mail day.

In my book, a good mail day is right up there with

a good hair day,
a good mascara day (do you know what I mean?),
a good rainy day.

Hadleigh and I love to go get the mail. We have one of those "community" mail boxes (like for apartments) at the end of our cul-de-sac, an attempt I guess to unclutter the sidewalks, protect from identity fraud, and make the mailman's job a little bit easier. I personally miss putting up the little red flag...but maybe in our next move our mailbox will be more old-fashioned.

All that said, Hadleigh loves to open the "package compartment" (with it's locked key in place) and say "no box." That was today. Keys swinging from both package compartments, I knew there were no boxes for us. BUT

when we opened our little door we found a package from one Kelli Darr. She is "one of those people I know" from her blog...what a wonderful virtual world :) Check her out: she is classy, upbeat, colorful, has the cutest kiddos and as "they" say, she is a SuperStar! She had promised a lollipop for a correct answer here but this is what arrived instead:

Lots of fun scrap stuff including two cherry lollipops!

Thank you Kelli! A very sweet surprise! The twill color was just what I was needing on a layout I'm working on. How'd you know???

Hoping to get some scrapbooking done this afternoon even though I need to get ready for our mini-vacation to San Antonio!

Have a great weekend!

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frances mileski said...

This is a very cool post! Lucky you to receive such a nice parcel in the mail ! Love the picture of you with your daughters...and I really like checking in on your blog! Haven't done in awhile so I must go read some more!


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