Tuesday, June 06, 2006


for these two right here.

Not a new thought, at all, but sometimes life gets so busy and the chatter and noise of a two year old and seven month old can make you feel a little crazy.

And then you have a day like today. A walk on a suprisingly "cool" Texas morning...your little girl commenting on all the birds... how the bunny we saw "hops"...and there are two ducks playing on the side of the road in a puddle.

She has a low-grade fever today and so she is really cuddly...doesn't fight going down for a nap...falls asleep as you sing to her.

And your little boy can't figure out when to nap today...but he did turn around 180 degrees in his crib trying, and the "Mommy, aren't you so proud of me for that?" smile.

I got an email from a friend today with a video attachment asking me to pray for a mutual friend's baby, Spencer. He will be six months old at the end of this month...and he was born with some kind of heart condition...I wish I could remember all the details right now. But he is having surgery on Friday. Another surgery in this little boy's life. And the video...I wish I knew how to attach it so you could see...but it is a slideshow of pictures from this brave little boy's life...interspersed with excerpts from his father's journal and scripture. And it is set to the song "He's My Son" by Mark Schultz.

I cried the whole time I watched it. The pictures of little Spencer in the NICU brought back memories of Nathanael's time there...and made me oh so thankful for Nathanael's health now. Made me thankful for God's power in our lives...His power to heal. Made my heart so tender as I looked at pictures of Spencer's parents...knowing that they too realize perhaps for the first time in their lives just how fragile and precious life is. And seeing their strength through this...a strength that only God can provide...wow...

So I am tender and thankful today whenever I see my children, hear their voices, feel their tiny touches.

And I am praying for Spencer and Katie and Andy. Will you pray too?


Sarah said...

You are delightful.

Lord, Spencer.

kellidarr said...

Great picture! Praying:)

Krista said...

Of course!
Prayers for all of them.

Great picture of all of you! You're still adorable.


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