Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bearing gifts.

Mom, Dad, and Katy were here yesterday, stopping for the day on their way to Waco to help Katy move into her new apartment. Can't believe my baby sister is a junior in college! Can't wait to go visit her in a few weeks and hang out just the two of us! They came bearing gifts (mostly stuff I couldn't take on the plane home from Asheville).

Hopefully they will not take much from us...namely the colds that Hadleigh and I are currently suffering from. Aren't summer colds the worst? Especially when you're still nursing the baby and nothing much works for your symptoms. I really can not wait to have a cold when I'm not pregnant and not nursing so that I can take NYQUIL! I love Nyquil. It does the job soooo well. But I have some new Robutussin that the pharmacist says is okay and we'll see how that goes. Anyway...back to the "gifts":

Found a very cutenew rug for Hadleigh's room (the Fiona one) that matches perfectly...I mean I could't have designed it better colorwise...except the size...wish it was an oval but a circle will do fine!

Yummy new pajamas for me from Pine Cone Hill in blue. Since I am sick, I am looking forward to spending a long evening in them starting sometime later this afternoon.

And a cute plastic ball that lights up, makes noises, and moves around that Nathanael just adores. It's designed to inspire munchkins to crawl after it...which is the phase we are now in. Nathanael is moving around "scooching" not quite a crawl but getting so close...rocking on his feet and fun to watch...I'll have to get a picture to show his progress. Got some video last night but I have NO idea how to get that on here...I mean, Blogger still doesn't want to fully cooperate with pictures!

Well...Katy, Mom and was so great to see you...hope all the assembly is going well...and hope you are all free from the sniffles! Off to scrapbook!

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Kelli said...

fun. fun. fun! I am in the market for a rug for Allie's room too:) That is soooooooooooooo cute! Love your pics! Can't wait to see your pages with them!


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