Friday, August 04, 2006

Upon Reflection.

I've been thinking about the differences between North Texas and Western North Carolina since coming home. (Aside from the obvious...that it's a 450 degree oven here and a warming oven with a convection cold breeze there.)

I was driving home with Brent last night and I looked at the area behind our home (a new housing development) and said "Something looks different." Nope. Nothing different. No new houses. Just the horizon. In Texas, I see the horizon. In Asheville, the trees and mountains.

Because of that horizon, we have gorgeous views of the sunset from our house here. Stunning. Take your breath away beautiful. In Asheville, I only notice the sunsets if I'm at my husband's parents home up on a mountain. Not that they aren't there and beautiful...but they are just not as evident as they are here.

In Asheville, I pulled out my sunglasses ONCE. For about 15 minutes. And technically, it was on the way to the airport in Greenville, SC, so there weren't really mountains anymore. That's because wherever you go, there are trees. Tall trees. Trees that provide shade and beauty to the sides of the road. Ahhh. I love trees. Here in Texas, I put on my sunglasses in my garage before I pull out of the driveway. I put on my sunglasses when it is cloudy. Because it is still so bright. Now, we do have trees...just not any big ones in my neighborhood...and not really the kind that provide a whole lotta shade.

The sky. My dad still misses the sky. He spent the first 32 years of his life in Texas. It's really big here. You really can't understand this unless you visit. It's vast. It is one of my favorite things about Texas. And the sky is beautiful. In the blue, full of see stars above you, stars on your left and stars on your right. In NC, if you go to the top of a mountain and look around...the view of the skyline in the mountains is beautiful too.

I love these two places ... the only two states I have ever called home. I love them for their differences! (But I'm still a little partial to my adoptive NC!)

Okay, I promise that the next post will have pictures of our trip and some details. I depended upon my family and their cameras for pictures, so I have to download them off the CD's they burned for me...and then choose some good ones.


Hilary said...

I understand...well, I've never
in NC, but I do know how pretty it is. I have the same feelings for TX. I'm just happy you can call Texas "home."

Krista said...

I remember that class you taught us in 12th grade english, when you told us about Texas and Baylor and how to drink Dr. Pepper (hot!) I've visited, but never for long enough. It sounds beautiful.

I wish I'd known you were in town, I'd have loved to seen you! Glad you had a safe trip.

Marianne said...

Well said, Kimber! Having lived in both places myself, I understand the appeal and beauty of both states. There is just something about TX though...maybe it's the smell of the beef bbq in the air. ;)

Hollye said...

You are making me so homesick. I am a Texas and was for 31 years. Now I live in Tennessee. All of my family lives there. I do love living in TN, but I miss everything about Texas...except when it is wicked hot. Hot, I can deal with...wicked hot I can not!


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