Friday, August 25, 2006

Four Days!

Since college, I have notoriously counted down the days until my birthday.
It was no suprise to my roommates, my family, or Brent to hear me say "11 months!" on Sep. 29.

I've gotten a little better lately. A little.

But a few years ago, Brent and I started this birthday tradition. If our birthday fell on a Friday or a Saturday or a Sunday, we would just celebrate ALL weekend long! And it was so much fun.

So of course, if your birthday falls near the mid-week, you still get to celebrate on the weekend closest to your birthday, right? Right.

We like to do fun little things all weekend watch movies that the birthday-boy or girl really likes while eating fun treats! And lots of suprises up sleeves!

So the weekend starts tonight...yay! We have a babysitter for tomorrow night and get to go to one of my fave restaraunts (in W.F.) Salt and Pepper...kind of a mediterranean very yummy! I'm taking Hadleigh to a birthday party tomorrow too so that should be fun...

And Brent told me last night that Tuesday is TBA (not TBD). I just love surprises. I pretend that I want to know...but I really don't. I love to be surprised!

And at the top of my birthday list...I would really like Hadleigh to be {completely} potty-trained. Tired of half-way. That would make my day!!!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned!


Anonymous said...

Hi there... I know your sweetheart planned a fun weekend for you. ...One more day until you are is so hard for me to believe that my little girl is so old :) It was only yesterday when I was planning your birthday parties...what sweet memories... well I love you my little girl... Mom

Krista said...

Chocolate eclairs? Singing birthday candles??
I thought of you on my birthday in April, believe it or not...someone gave me a cupcake with that singing candle in it. :)

I get nostalgic every now and then for the days when we just hung out without other people to be responsible for...And I saw Mrs. Ferrell the other day! Her hubby had a heart attack, but is doing better.

Happy Birthday, Kimber Leigh!

Angelia said...

Hope your weekend was great! I'm right the opposite - I want to know about my surprises ;)

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! Post about all your surprises! I can't wait to read about them. I hope it was a wonderful weekend. Lots of Kimber-hugs to you!

Kelli said...

OOHHHH can't wait to hear all about it!


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