Thursday, August 03, 2006

Home again, home again,

jiggety jig.

Growing up we always said this when we got home from anywhere. An errand. A trip.
Now, when we pull into our garage I say, "Home again, home again" and Hadleigh says "Jiggety Jig!" It always makes me smile!

So we are back ... had a much better airport experience this time, thanks to a tip from my friend Hilary who informed me that I could get a pass for someone (my Mom!) to accompany me all the way to the gate and help with the kiddos and carrying everything! Then I got to preboard this time and had help from the nice flight attendant. (Then 2.5 hours of entertaining children on the plane...hmmm...) Imagine my surprise when (as the last off the plane) Brent meets us at the ENTRANCE to the plane!!! He told someone at the gate that he was an air force pilot, flashed his military ID and they gave him a pass! So I didn't even have to carry the car seat to baggage at all! What a sweetie. It was SO wonderful to see him. SO wonderful to see the kids with him...

This morning, we got a not-so-fun surprise when I got Hadleigh out of bed and noticed that her bed was swarming with ants. She has SO many ant bites, but it didn't wake her up and they don't seem to bother her at all now, thankfully. But I was SO upset...threw everything in the wash and called the Orkin man! Just so you know, they are not open at 8 in the morning. But they will be here any minute now to make sure that we are RID of ants! This is our first ant problem since moving here. But it reminds me of the ant problem I had in college in our last apartment senior year. Yuck. But hopefully soon this will all be behind us!

I will blog more about our actual trip when I get a chance to download pictures and finish getting our house (and my schedule!) back in order! Isn't it amazing how hard it is to come back after 2 weeks. So much to dust, so much email to sift through, and the stack of catalogs and magazines...phew. But I am unpacked and put away, so that feels good. Came home with all but one days worth of clean clothes ... but after a trip in a suitcase EVERYTHING needs ironing! So that's tomorrow. Hopefully after the weekend, things will be somewhat back to order! There is something about traveling and coming home that makes me want to get very organized!

What are you up to today?


kelli said...

Glad you are home safe:)!!! And that you had a nice surprise getting off the plane:) gotta love that!

Marianne said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to see some pictures once you've gotten your life organized again. :)

Ann(i)e said...

I've just put out a challenge I thought you would be interested in….I'm "hosting" a group of scrappers all wanting to do the challenges from Ali Edwards new book. Come over, check it out, and play along!!!

kellidarr said...

I want cooler weather too:) and fall clothes. Waiting to see your pictures:) {{{patiently of course}}

Hilary said...

The difference b/w you and me...I wear the clothes with the wrinkles from the suitcase.

I'm glad you're home and I'm glad you had a good trip. I'll be looking forward to more posts.


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