Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Technically, that picture is just espresso...but it's the only shot of coffee I have at the moment, so I think it will do. (Besides, it was taken in France and you just can't beat a cup of cafe or chocolat, or vin for that matter, in France! Right, Hilary?)

About two months before Christmas (you know, when you should be putting things you want on Christmas lists instead of just buying them) Brent came upon a great sale at Starbucks for their Barista espresso machines. And so he researched it...talked to the manager at our store...talked to some managers at stores in Asheville...talked me into it :) And even got an upgrade with the sale!

My parents gave me a capresso machine as a first-apartment-warming-gift my sophomore year in college. We used it probably 3 times in college. Then I married Brent, and he was so excited about this machine...he used it a lot. But it just wasn't performing as well in the last few years. And so he had resorted back to the normal coffee maker. So, knowing how much he likes to make cappuccinos and lattes and the like (and I enjoy drinking them) I was very happy to be able to get this great and easy to use machine! (And I was very happy to send our old one back to Baylor for my sister Katy and her roommates to enjoy...and they do...a lot more than we did in college!)

And just how easy is it to use? Well, Hadleigh helps him. For a long time she would help Daddy make "Super coff-coff" as she called it. A few weeks ago, Brent taught her to say cappuccino, hence the title of this post. It is really cute to hear her say it. And to see her get so excited to make it with Daddy...just so you're not scared she might be scalded, she just pushes the buttons...but she knows the order of the buttons and when to wait and when to run to the other side of the kitchen while Daddy tests the steam...like I said, it's just so cute.

I have a request...does anyone know of a good source to buy frosted mint syrup...the kind that you add to coffee drinks? Brent had it over Christmas and I'd love to surprise him with some!

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