Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A lemonade kind of day.

I apologize for not updating more often lately...I just haven't felt up to it but for some reason, knowing that I have promised a recipe on Wednesdays helps me at least once a week. But I'm hoping to be better soon. I promise :)

I just ate the yummiest pecan pie-ish bar except more crumbly than gooey from Chef's Table a little restaurant here in town that I love. And I wish I had a recipe for it because I would share it with's really good. I am not in a sweet mood very much (a total shock, I know!) during the first few months of pregnancy...but the pecans were just calling to me...and I gave in!

I am feeling the best today that I have in a few weeks now; I'm hoping that this is a new trend! Cause I was spoiled with Hadleigh and Nathanael not being sick all day...but as someone told me, sometimes baby #3 has to make sure you know that they are their own unique little person too...and not just #3! Tomorrow is my first doctor's appointment...but I still have to wait a few weeks before they do the first ultrasound...darn. I love ultrasounds. Can't wait.

Okay, so since it is 81 degrees today, yes 81 on the last day of February (and poor Hadleigh was talking about wanting to build a snowman at her house this morning!) here is a recipe for one of my favorite lemonade recipes...yup, I have several...but this is a good one. (Photo courtesy of Martha...but not her recipe!) Enjoy! (And if it's not warm enough where you are for ice-cold lemonade...try warming it up! Hot lemonade tastes yummy too and is great for fighting a sore throat and cold!)

Southern Lemonade
4 lemons*
4 oranges*
4 limes*
1.5 to 2 cups sugar, depending on your taste
1 gallon water
Squeeze juice from fruit and combine juices in a one-gallon container.
Add sugar and water; mix to dissolve sugar.
Refrigerate until chilled.
*I like to have a few extra to slice and float in the pretty!

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Anonymous said...

Kimber - I LOVE your blog. It is wonderful. You were always such a good writer and I am so glad to see that you are writing so frequently and sharing it with others. Your mom and I could use the warm version of that lemonade right about now. Congrats on #3. Love, Emily


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